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Server Settings
« on: November 29, 2018, 01:35:56 PM »
Current Server Settings that are a change from Stock Settings

ALL Alpha Creatures have been swatted with the Nerf Stick so hard they can be considered walking or swimming loot boxes rather than Mini Boss Mobs.

Force allow cave flyers
Force Flyer dinos to be allowed into caves (Flyers able to go into caves by default on custom maps)

Non permanent diseases
This will make Diseases not permanent (you will then lose them if you respawn).

Prevent offline PvP
Use this to enable the offline raiding prevention option.

Prevent spawn animations
Setting to true lets player characters (re)spawn without the wake up animation.

Show floating damage text
Use this to enable RPG-style popup text stat mode.

Always notify player joined
Players will always get notified if someone joins the server

Always notify player left
Players will always get notified if someone leaves the server

Allow third person player
Enables 3rd Person view

Proximity chat
Only players near each other can see their chat messages

Show map player location
Show each player their own precise position when they view their map

Use corpse locator
If turned on, you will see a green lightbeam at the location of your death.

Night time speed scale
Specifies the scaling factor for the passage of time in the ARK during night time. This value determines the length of each night, relative to the length of each day (as specified by DayTimeSpeedScale. Lowering this value increases the length of each night.

Supply crate loot quality multiplier
Higher values will give you better loot from supply crates.
Value should not be more then 5

XP multiplier
Specifies the scaling factor for the experience received by players, tribes and dinosaurs for various actions. The default value 1 provides the same amounts of experience as in the singleplayer experience (and official public servers). Higher values increase XP amounts awarded for various actions; lower values decrease it.

Taming speed multiplier
Specifies the scaling factor for dinosaur taming speed. Higher values make taming faster.

Harvest amount multiplier
Specifies the scaling factor for yields from all harvesting activities (chopping down trees, picking berries, carving carcasses, mining rocks, etc.). Higher values increase the amount of materials harvested with each strike.

Resources respawn period multiplier
Specifies the scaling factor for the respawn rate for resource nodes (trees, rocks, bushes, etc.). Lower values cause nodes to respawn more frequently.

Player character water drain multiplier
Specifies the scaling factor for player characters' water consumption. Higher values increase water consumption (player characters get thirsty faster).

Player character food drain multiplier
Specifies the scaling factor for player characters' food consumption. Higher values increase food consumption (player characters get hungry faster).

Global spoiling time multiplier
Scales the spoiling time of perishables globally. Higher values prolong the time.

Mating interval multiplier
Higher number increases (on a percentage scale) interval between which dinosaurs can mate. (Example: MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.5 would allow dinosaurs to mate 50% sooner)

Egg hatch speed multiplier
Higher number decreases (by percentage) time needed for fertilized egg to hatch

Baby mature speed multiplier
Higher number decreases (by percentage) time needed for baby dino to mature

Baby food consumption speed multiplier
Lower number decreases (by percentage) the speed that baby dinos eat their food

Lay egg interval multiplier
Higher number increases (by percentage) time between eggs spawning / being laid

Oxygen swim speed stat multiplier
Use this to set how swim speed is multiplied by level spent in oxygen. The value was reduced by 80% in 256.0.
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