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General Discussion / Re: the new build
« on: August 08, 2018, 02:22:12 AM »
Just MB and CPU to go?

General Discussion / Re: D3
« on: August 04, 2018, 12:33:35 AM »
my Hardcore died last night RIP lvl 62

I would have rage quit  :o

General Discussion / Re: the new build
« on: August 03, 2018, 02:55:56 AM »
I spent 768 and bought a 1080 ti  only 1200$ to go

What happened to the Chinese made Russian shipped 1080 for $3 ?  :D :'( :D

Conan Exiles Servers and Mods / Pippi Manual 3rd Edition
« on: August 03, 2018, 02:54:47 AM »
Pippi Mod is a mod that we often use on our servers. The 3rd Edition of the manual can be found HERE

Conan Exiles Servers and Mods / Fresh Wipe 08/04/18
« on: August 03, 2018, 12:31:01 AM »
Fresh Wipe! Server set to open Saturday the 4th at 12:00 PM EST (Noon)  ;)
The only Mod that will be ran is Pippi.
Pippi settings will be listed on Server Sticky!

General Discussion / Re: the new build
« on: August 01, 2018, 10:45:10 PM »
Can you explain?

SWL General Discussion / Scorched Desert Run
« on: July 26, 2018, 01:25:28 AM »
I pulled this from our old forum. I will try to get links to the quests mentioned as well as the Area repeatable quests for New England.

This is a nice way to score a few hundred bags with at least 25 of them being Glyph bags!
Your character must be high enough to be in Scorched Sands and it is recommended that you have it complete so that you can port to the needed anima wells.
Prior to starting the Scorched Dessert I complete all of the area quests for Kingsmouth, Savage Coast and Blue Mountains.
Lists and Locations for these zones can be found below.
After you do these runs a few times you will get the route down and really increase the speed that you finish them. At level 50 you are able to walk past all mobs without getting agro and not have to kill anything but quest mobs.
Make SURE you keep an eye on AP/SP so you do not hit cap. You WILL gain quite a bit of them.

Savage Coast
Blue Mountain

After doing those you will be ready for Scorched Dessert!
Start out in al-Merayah
Pick up A Lion in the Street from Amparo Osorio (600,440)
Jump over the wall to exit the city
Pick up and Complete Scorched Earth from Cultist Supply Crate (660,480)
Pick up and Complete up Plague of Locusts from Dead Sandhorror (390,480)
Pick up and Complete Moving Mountains from Diary Page (704,465)
Pick up and Complete The Eighth Plague from Locust Carapace (740,440)
Complete Tier 1 and 2 of A Lion in the Street (you already picked up quest)
Pick up and Complete Ghoul Pool from Ghoul's Tools (875,630)Ghoul's Tools (875,630)
Complete Final Tier of A Lion in the Street
Teleport to Argatha Entrance
Pick up The Siege of al-Merayah from Shani (540,170)
Pick up Supply Run Too from Shani's Notes (540,175)
Complete The Siege of al-Merayah and Supply Run Too (do not turn in Supply Run Too yet)
Teleport to Marya Base camp East
Pick up Live Free, Die Hard from Nassir (900,310)
Pick up Ten Thousand Bullets from Empty Ammunition Crate (900,310)
Pick up The Coveters from Empty Box
Complete Tier 1 of Live Free, Die Hard
Complete Tier 2 of Live Free, Die Hard and start picking up items for Ten Thousand Bullets and The Coveters also complete Area quest to kill Cultist Demolitionists.
Jump into ravine below and complete Area quest to kill Cultists and pick up items for The Coveters
Complete Teir 3 and 4 of Live Free, Die Hard picking up remaining items forTen Thousand Bullets and The Coveters (when you complete Tier 4 of Live Free, Die Hard it is also the turn in for Ten Thousand Bullets)
Pick up and Complete The Scorpion Queen from Strange Device (800,310) in cave
Turn in The Coveters
Pick up Package Problems in Tent across from Nassir (900,310)
Pick up Package next to Package Problems quest.
Teleport to al-Merayah
Turn in Supply Run Too and Package Problems
Pick up The Madness of Men from Amparo Osorio (600,440)
Complete Tier 1 and 2 of The Madness of Men and Area quest to kill Whisps
Pick up and Complete Between a rock and a Hard Place from Crushed Cultist (715,705)
Pick up and Complete Not by Bread Alone from Empty Canister (720,840)
Pick up and Complete Tomb much Trouble from
Complete Tier 3 of The Madness of Men
Pick up and Complete The Little Drone That Could from Inactive Drone (410,710)
Pick up From Below from Lisa Hui (400,945)
Pick up Pass the Amunition from Empty Ammunition Box (405,945)
Pick up Drone Phone Home from Crate of Drones Next to Lisa Hui (400,945)
Activate Drone
Follow Drone Picking up Ammo and work on From Below until the Drone is parked in another box inactive. Kill last Boss for From Below and proceed until the end and ....
Pick up and Complete Primun Non Nocere from Shirui's computer - (266,754)
Go back and complete Drone Phone Home
Make sure you use Laptop in Tent to complete Primun Non Nocere
Pick up and Complete Droning On and On from Crate of Drones Next to Lisa Hui (400,945)
Pick up A Flight of Locusts from Cockpit (645,1045)
Pick up and Complete Drone Quest from Cockpit (645,1045)
Pick up and Complete King of the Hill
Complete A Flight of Locusts
Teleport to al-Merayah
Pick up An Uneasy Alliance from Tanis (550,450)
Complete Tier 1 and 2 of An Uneasy Alliance
Do Area Quest Kill Looters
Complete An Uneasy Alliance

That's it! Now you have a TON of bags to open and a lot of AP/SP to spend!

Revelation Online General Discussion / Re: Guild Gone
« on: July 25, 2018, 02:04:15 AM »
Well maybe not. This thread does not sit well with me. 
The OP accepts but mentions this is Pay2Win and nobody seems to disagree they just tell him to level up a bit. 


Revelation Online General Discussion / Guild Gone
« on: July 24, 2018, 05:22:13 PM »
Well I logged in to find our Guild Gone in RO  :-[
I have been looking for something to do while I recover from a surgery later this week so I think I will build a new one and see how that goes.
I am not sure if the Guild was Ninja'd or if it was just removed to cull out the massive amounts of inactive Guilds. Either way I want to get one back.
I will post new Guild Info.  8)

General Discussion / Re: D&d
« on: July 24, 2018, 02:58:15 AM »
 :D :D :D

General Discussion / Re: D&d
« on: July 24, 2018, 01:20:41 AM »
and........... That should surprise me how?   ::)

General Discussion / Re: the new build
« on: July 22, 2018, 06:28:02 AM »
I know how you can get it to 2.5k  and not affect your gaming experience at all. Send me $50 and I will tell ya!  :P

General Discussion / Re: the new build
« on: July 22, 2018, 01:11:41 AM »
I am just saying that if you build new then you want to build something that can grow over the years as technology advances. You never want to build on a platform that has already peaked out.
I am running an old build that only has two options for me to improve it and that would be upgrading to a 1080 and running my on and main games on SSD.
When I chose that build it was cutting edge and much room to grow. That is why I have not built again in almost 7 years only made minor upgrades here and there and it is still a kick ass gamer as you have seen by my bench marks.

General Discussion / Re: the new build
« on: July 21, 2018, 10:59:49 PM »
It is also rumored that there will be new GFX cards coming out in August. Will the change the slot for them requiring a new MB?  That is one thing I am concerned with but the upside is that the 1080 SHOULD begin to drop in price  :)

General Discussion / Re: the new build
« on: July 21, 2018, 10:43:53 PM »
Opereatings system is going on the m.2 ssd

And as for 1tb over 500 it wasn't to much of a difference  they Samsung evo is currently  one of the best in terms of load speed

Definitely overkill  :-[

I would also look at the 2066 socket Motherboards as they are just now becoming used in the Highest end Alienware build. There is nothing wrong with the 1151 at the moment but it has been out for a while and the 2066 should be upgrade-able long after the 1151 has peaked.
Alienwares top Intel Build uses an i9 -7980XE processor that happens to be the 2066 socket the rest of their builds use the 1151.
Something to think about.

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