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General Discussion / Giant Hole for MMO'ers
« on: February 15, 2018, 01:22:38 AM »
There is currently a Giant Hole out there for MMO'ers. We are lacking a much needed AAA MMO and there are a few in development that MIGHT fill the gap but until then we should look on the bright side and take advantage of some of the other things going on!

Age of Conan has placed an Event Server up that will remain until mid May. They also have reduced Content pack Prices by 75% and dropped Patron Costs.
I have been playing the Event Server and it is packed! Not just the initial wave when it opened a few weeks ago but ALL LEVELS and ALL ZONES. To be honest it can be a pain in the but questing with all the players but a nice change and AoC is a GREAT game!

SWTOR has just announced that IF you were a Patron at any time and log in before Feb 28th that you will get 1 month Patron for Free!
SWTOR is another GREAT game. I highly recommend it if for nothing else the Story line ROCKS!

Right now everyone knows there is a big hole that needs to be filled and some of our past AAA MMO's are taking advantage of it and that means great gaming for us!  8)

Crowfall General Discussion / Jumped in for a bit today!
« on: February 12, 2018, 12:15:33 AM »
I jumped in for a bit today and all I can say is WOW!   This Pre Alpha has come a long way and the basics of the game are really shaping up! I can see why everyone is talking about it and places like are saying that it is a AAA MMO that will be setting the standard for PvP  8)

Hardware / What to do with 70mm Case fan?
« on: February 08, 2018, 05:30:36 AM »
I recently ordered the wrong case fan as a replacement for an Old Soyo Case that I really like. I was a bit off though on the size I needed even though I checked guide online and according to it I had a 70mm fan. It is actually a 80mm I believe.
.....anyhow I contacted Amazon to return it and they told me they would send the money back but I could keep the 70mm fan as it was not cost effective to ship it back and restock it  ???
So now I am the proud owner of a 3 pin, 70mm fan with nowhere to put it. LOL I hate to throw the darn thing away!
If anyone can use it let me know, free to pick up or just shipping.

Software / Finally got a VPN
« on: February 08, 2018, 05:18:28 AM »
After staying away from p2p since the last big crackdown I decided to bite the bullet and get a vpn!  ???

Nord offers a 3 day trial and after that is over they offer you a Special to get it for $40 for one year! That is a GREAT deal but not as good as there 2 year deal they are running for $2.75 per month!

They seem to be pretty good and have Specialty Servers to provide you with supposedly better speeds. I am just not really impressed with the speeds I get though.  I use it for Torrent Sites in order to get anything quickly I can only run one download at a time in spite of my Internet package which is very fast up and down.
Don't get me wrong, I am very happy that they are so secure, running your encrypted traffic through two separate servers to ensure that it is safe but I was wondering if they are all that slow or is that just the price to pay to be secure.  :-\

General Discussion / Funcom is bringing there Forums Home!
« on: February 08, 2018, 05:01:44 AM »
Funcom has started moving their Forums to one site and be keeping them in house! This will be a HUGE change for Conan Exiles and  SWL!
The AOC Forum is live and the Old forum will be closed and Archived in a few days.  SWL and CE to follow!  :)

Conan Exiles Servers and Mods / Incoming Major Content Update soon!
« on: February 06, 2018, 05:52:48 AM »
As per the last Dev Stream there is going to be a HUGE update coming to the Testlive in Mid February, just a week or two away!
This update will be moved to live version after all of the bugs are worked out. This time can be just a few days or as long as several weeks.

I just wanted to give a heads up that since this update will basically change the entire way the game is played I will be removing all mods with the possible exception of Pippi from our server so that we can get a clean experience of what has been added. The reason Pippi will remain is that it functions for players only as an enhancement to the limited chat system and on the Admin side it also acts as a very nice Admin tool.

I am really looking forward to this update and it should be the last big one before the game is officially released!

Guild Wars 2 General Discussion / World Restructuring
« on: February 06, 2018, 05:41:10 AM »
A message from McKenna Berdrow:

I want to update everyone on the design we currently are investigating to help achieve population balance between worlds, and the goals we hope this new World Restructuring system can achieve.

The goals of the World Restructuring system are:

  • Create great matches
  • Handle population fluctuations
  • Balance teams
  • Diversify WvW experiences

It is important to keep in mind that we still are investigating and working on this system. It is possible that this system will continue to evolve as we develop it, and we will be constantly testing to make sure the system meets our goals and our expectations for a quality experience. This post is an opportunity to share with you our plans for the new system, and respond to questions before the system is far long in the development process.

Sports and Outdoors / Superbowl LII
« on: February 05, 2018, 04:05:46 AM »
Gratz to the Eagles! This was there first Superbowl win and they did a GREAT job of it!  :)

AoC General Discussion / What a Great time!
« on: February 05, 2018, 02:58:38 AM »
I healed the first Dungeon with Success. It took a bit over an hour but what a rewarding experience that I have not had in an MMO since Rift!
I wish MMOs got back to quality and not quick rewards.

AoC General Discussion / DbD Event Server Guild
« on: February 01, 2018, 09:30:22 PM »
We have a Guild on the Event Server but as of yet I have not been recruiting, just enjoying the game. This may all change when I get my crafting to the point that it requires a Guild City  :o

On another note I do not remember ever seeing an AoC server this packed!  ;D

AoC General Discussion / Dungeons and Raids
« on: January 25, 2018, 07:08:38 PM »
If you EVER wanted the chance to do Dungeons and Raids in Age of Conan NOW is the time! They have an Event Server that will be running until May. You can make ONE character per account and it is Free to Play with a BUNCH of Event Perks.
The Server is Packed with players just wanting to run Group Content!

This is a PvE Server and at the time of the post the average player level is probably only 20.  8)

So if you ever wanted to play some of THE BEST Group Content EVER in an MMO then Now is the time!  :)

AoC General Discussion / Guild Information
« on: January 25, 2018, 06:15:35 PM »
Death Before Dishonor [Agony]
Fury PvP Server
T-3 Guild City

Death Before Dishonor
Saga of Zath Server

Conan Exiles General Discussion / Master would have been proud of Lao Tsu
« on: January 22, 2018, 09:20:51 PM »
Master used to pass out at the keyboard so often we had to make a special Teamspeak Channel to drag him down into because he would snore with an open mic.
When playing CE you have to constantly keep your Food up and water up otherwise you will Die of thirst or starvation and respawn at your bed naked.
With Lao Tsu we had to a special chest we would put his gear in when he passed out at the keyboard and died of Thirst, respawning at his bed and continuing to die and respawn over and over. This would be a nightly occurrence.
Master would have been proud!  :D

RYL General Discussion / Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war
« on: January 18, 2018, 03:28:32 AM »

Stinky Has Awoken!

RYL General Discussion / Upgrading a 20 STR Combatant Sword to Hard Cap
« on: January 17, 2018, 06:52:37 PM »
OK I have been working on gear and made a lot of mistakes but since we learn from our mistakes I thought I would pass along what I have learned so that you do not have to duplicate my mistakes!
This may not be the best way to get a Hard Cap 20 STR Sword but this is the way that it makes sense to me.

Getting Started

First of all before all else there are two things you need to look at when picking a base, Durability and Block. Durability is the most important of the two since the block stat CAN NOT BE UPGRADED AND IS SO LOW THAT A FEW POINTS MAKES LITTLE DIFFERENCE! You will be looking for the highest durability you can find with a block of between 6 and 8.
Next you will want to look at min damage and max damage. It really does not matter how high they are BUT it DOES matter what the difference between the two is. You want the difference to be between 0 and 4.
After you find a Sword with high durability and block you will adjust the damage to be where you want by combining stats of other same quality swords by upgrading minimum damage and maybe even downgrading maximum damage. There will be no need to upgrade while doing this.
Once the desired relation between Min Damage and Max Damage are reached it will be time to start building.

Prior to building I think you should see the estimated AAA quality Hard Cap of the stats. I could not find a chart for 20 Str Combatant so here is a Conservative Estimate.

Minimum Damage : 4094  <--- Damage stat to watch!
Maximum Damage : 4100
Attack Bonus : 4090
Max MP : 65400
MP Recovery : 4090
Critical : 4090

Chart of Hardcap Values

I would try and keep my numbers a little short of these just to be safe because if you go beyond Hard Cap it will reset the stat back to F quality! If this happens I would save that piece for a fuser, a very expensive fuser.

Once I start upgrading to Hard Cap the only Stats I care about are Minimum Damage, Attack Bonus and Critical. They are the ONLY ones that really matter. DO NOT add gems for Max MP and MP Recovery will be your upgrade stat.

The last upgrade that you will do will be fusing a High Level Fuser with MAX AAA MP Recovery. You could add a Max MP Fuser but I do not think it needed. The MP Recovery Fuser may be as close to Hard Cap as you like but that may be overkill and not needed. Adding a Hardcap MP Recovery Fuser would give you the following Stat:

Minimum Damage : 4000
Maximum Damage : 4000
Attack Bonus : 4000
Max MP : 17350     <-------- The Result of upgrading 347 times without adding Gems. Adding Final Fuser Optional.
MP Recovery : 2047 <-------- More than Needed for Farming or Combat
Critical : 4000

*There are Giant Gems in Game but due to Conversion rate of Large to Giant I feel it better to use Large. Large has been figured in for this Guide and numbers will drastically change if Giant Gems are used.

Upgrading your Main Sword

There will be two types of upgrading for your main sword. Briefly your sword will be in Pre-Soft Cap state where you can save on mats but it does not last long so enjoy it!
When you notice that one of your Yellow AAA Stats gets brighter in color and you will receive a new warning when adding metal you will know that you have now reached your Soft Cap!

You will start out Upgrading your Damage Stat with Large Red Gems until it reaches 2900 then upgrade your Attack Bonus Stat with Large Black Gems until it reaches 2000 then Finally Upgrade your Critical Stat with Large White Gems until it reaches 4000.
When Critical reaches 4000 then Damage and Attack Bonus should be very close to 4000 as well depending on your starting stats. You may continue to level the Stats to get them as close to the hard cap as you wish taking into consideration the additional changes that will happen when you add your final fusers.

Pre-Soft Cap

Use Yiterni Stones to get to Sword Upgraded 7 times. Use Tear of Blacksmith to upgrade 8,9 and 10th time. Once the sword is upgraded to max, +10 it will have gained +4 to Minimum and Maximum Damage, +8 to Attack Bonus, + 50 to Max MP and +1 to Crit. Forget about MP Recovery for now as it will be your Fuser Stat.
Next you will slot 5 Large Red Gems this will add an additional +30 points to both Minimum and Maximum Damage.

Post-Soft Cap

There are two ways that I do this depending upon the metals I have, with Ice and without Ice.

With Ice
Make one attempt with Yiterni Stones. If it fails make 7 upgrades with Ice Crystals then 3 with Tear of Blacksmith. Add Gems.

Without Ice
You can only use Tear of Blacksmith 3 Times in a Row then you must make 1 attempt with Yiterni Stones. The three times in a row will count even after you combine your item! So if your last 3 upgrades are: Titerni Stones, Tear of Blacksmith and tear of Blacksmith then after you add gems then combine your sword your first two Upgrades will be Tear of Blacksmith then Yiterni Stone.

Upgrading Fusers, AAA Stat and Upgrading Stat

You will be using the "Without Ice" method as described above to upgrade all fuser swords except the Final two that will be for Max MP and MP Renewal.

We will use Crit as the AAA Stat and MP Recovery as the Fuse Stat so you will need White and Blue Gems for Fusers.
When your fuser reaches +10 you will add White Gems until it reaches AAA when it reaches AAA you will have a between 1 and 3 open sockets depending on your starter stat.
Compare the MP Recovery stat from your main and the fuser.
If the MP recovery on the Fuser is Greater than the Main then Upgrade the Main.
If the MP recovery on the Fuser is the same as the Main then add one Blue Gem and Upgrade the Main.
If the MP recovery on the Fuser is Less than the main then Downgrade the Main.
*See upgrading and Down Grading Section*

When you build your Final two fusers you will be upgrading the same way as your main but only increasing the Max MP or MP Recovery Stat to as close to Hard Cap as you like. When building MP Recovery Fuser use Critical as your fuser stat.

Upgrading and Downgrading

This is THE MOST DANGEROUS PART! Very easy to make a mistake and completely destroy your work!


Select Stat Transfer from Blacksmith
Drop in Main Sword Click Next
Drop in Fuser Sword
Select Upgrade Stat
Clcik Transfer


Select Stat Transfer from Blacksmith
Drop in Fuser Click Next
Drop in Main Sword
Select Downgrade Stat then REMOVE MAIN SWORD
Select Previous
Remove Fuser Sword and replace with Main Sword and Click Next
Drop in Fuser Sword and double check that it is fuser sword.
Clcik Transfer

*There is a Downgrade Metal in Game but I have yet to obtain it. When I do I will add information about it here.

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