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Rift General Discussion / End game mage builds lvl 50
« on: March 31, 2018, 02:19:19 AM »
I just want to help any new mages on Prime, I really don't know who these will work with capping at lvl 50 but feel free to alter them as you like, these are the best builds as far as I know for dps on live and they do carry over on prime. All these builds are good to go, but use your points wisely for your lvl 50s these will be viable, guarenteed.

Warlcok dominates with this one with necro and arbiter


Pryo/harb/ ele

Rift General Discussion / Rift Dimensions
« on: March 31, 2018, 12:41:35 AM »
I just wanted to add a post about one of the coolest things Rift has to offer and of course it is their playing housing/dimensions.
You can build literally anything from building blocks you buy or craft in game. If anyone would like to come to the live servers to check out my dims, feel free. I am listed under Raynastar @ Faeblight just do a search under dims and they should show up. I have listed a few of my dims under their names, remember on the live shards you can right click your portrait and transfer to any shard to do zone events and view dimensions.:)
I'd like to share a few with you guys if I can figure out how to upload images ;D Okay I got it, wooot! If you all decide to stay with rift after Prime and decide to create some dims while on prime, they WILL be transfered with your character to the live servers. Also if anyone needs help with using the addon Tinker tools, please let me know. I realize most of us are on prime to raid and things but this is a very cool bonus for sure and keep a look out on the rift forums for dimension building contests if you are into dims, its truly rewarding.  Anyone who wishes to join the dim chat on the live servers just type /join dimensionaddicts @ deepwood we are a great crowd of people! Always willing to help new builders out and old.  Rift has the best player housing in any game yet, I would take advantage of at least seeing what others create by going under your social tab you can click on dims and see the best weekly dims and all time best dims. Dont forget to show some love plus one if you like someones work. Okay guys, I just wanted to share what I do on live servers (mostly)..Enjoy!!!

Greatfather needs loving too

Dr. Frankensteins new nightmare

Inside a Gypsy's mind

Study of earth botanical

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