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Server Information
« on: January 15, 2018, 01:19:01 AM »
DbD Gaming ~ Pippi ~ TS 3 -

Server IP

Mod List

Admin Server Settings:
  • PvP - ON
  • Avatars - OFF
  • Damage to Other Players Structures - ON
  • Logged Off Players remain in World - OFF
  • XP RATE +2 ALL
  • Harvesting Rate +3
  • Resource Respawn +3

Make Sure your Mods are enabled in this order!


Mod Settings


  • Ability to set a Home location and Port back to it as often as you like provided that you are not overburdened!
  • In Game Currency System. Get paid after every 7th In Game Sunrise, On or Off line!
  • Purchase Pre Made Kits with your In Game Currency!
  • Change your Characters appearance any time you like!
  • Purchase Thespian Kits to populate your City or Base! Thespians are NPCs that are completely customization and can Preform any emote you wish!
  • Using the Social Vendor setting for a Thespian you can put items up for sale to other players for In Game Currency!
  • Purchase Glorb Kits. Glorbs are completely custom, invisible light sources to put your Creations over the edge!
  • Additional Loot Boxes are placed in Dungeons containing a chance at extremely rare items!
  • Greatly improved Chat Functions as well as Notifications!

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