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Author Topic: Upcoming Changes to QOA  (Read 816 times)

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Upcoming Changes to QOA
« on: November 04, 2017, 04:19:02 PM »
Taken from SWLRP.cpm

Next patch will be Quality of Life changes
ETA is sometime November, no real date yet
There will be a winter event, more details later
Tomorrow Extra-Life, a charity fundraising for children hospitals is running tomorrow Details:

Elementarism changes
The issue they found with Ele is at that the start energy not enough and in endgame with a lot crit gear energy is fine but overheating is too much
Heat level will increase less on Fire and Electric abilities and decrease more with cold abilities
Heat management will still relevant in Endgame but not as bad as before
No more hot bar swap between high heat and low heat mode (the effects are still there, just not the hotbar change that causes some delay)
Had too many passives to manage heat, now they have some extra DMG too
They showed a few passive changes but I won't list all of them since they are still in development
Some Ele weapons got changed too, mostly small fixes for issues with heat level interactions
Since it takes longer to get to high heat levels, the heat bonus will be increased
Goal is to make it competitive with the other DPS weapons

Other weapon changes
Assault rifle grenades CD reduced, should not cause issues with KSR rifle anymore
AR UI issue causing crashes will be fixed
Blood ability reap will not damage you by itself anymore (still corruption effects apply)
They are not too happy about the balance with tank weapons, sometimes the cooldowns can be chained to not have the tank needing healing at all
They don't really want to nerf it hugely, tanks should feel powerful and tanky
This will take time for them to figure out the details but will be addressed at some point

Loot changes
Currently there are 3 different avenues for different kinds of item progression (scenarios for glyphs, lair for signet, dungeons for items)
They want to add a bit of progression for each path to every activity
There are a bit too many anima shards in the Tokyo crates, that will be reduced a bit to not make people feel forced to farm them
Other activities will have more shards to compensate for that
More signet will drop in lairs (per chest, no new signets for now)
In dungeons only the final boss got more stuff for signets and glyphs added, the others stay the same
Elite rare chest give more item XP now than the elite non-rare
Weapon specific belts will be added, one for each Weapon
They will be dropped in the world, each time a cache drops, it might be a belt instead now

Item changes
You will be able use already empowered all items to empower others
Upgraded items will give about 40% of the XP you needed to bring it to that point
Costs for taking out glyphs and signets will be cheaper for low quality versions (greens, blues)
Some extraordinary items got buffed

PVP changes
Equal footing will be activated in the Soul fight-club for PvP training and events
London will remain as it is now

Misc improvements
Patron keys, quest timer resets and so on, now will be awarded to active cooldowns on the day of purchase
There will be a items that can summoning a vendor you can by at the locksmith (Vendort has potions and you can sell your stuff)
Teleport to Museum and social hubs (Museum an achievement, your faction from the start, the other require a visit to the hub)

Anima Allocation
New Tab in the Ability window
Will only be available for characters level 20+
You can change allocation between healing DPS and survivability
It changes the item stats to that Allocation
It will not change the extraordinary boni, signets or glyphs
Procs that scale with stats still do but they don't change from a DPS proc to a tank proc for example
It is not meant to be ultimate at all roles but in case you want to run scenarios or a role is needed when playing with friends
Also build into build manager
When moving the slider around it will show you the exact changes as preview

I hope I captured everything correctly. If you find mistakes, let me know!"