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Star Metal
« on: October 08, 2017, 03:22:21 AM »
If you are looking to get current end game gear then you will be wanting Star Metal.  ???

Star Metal is harvested from Meteors that fall while the server is active. They have a very hard crust and underneath is the Star Metal. You will need more than harvesting tools to get to through the crust and get the Star Metal.
As far as I know the only two things that can get you in would be Explosive Jar and Fire Orb.
The Fire Orb SUCKS to use because it has a timer on it. This means if you are aiming at a target and throw the Orb it may bounce off, roll away then blow up.  :-[
Explosive Jar works much better! You will also want to have a foundation and a bow and arrows with you. Just set foundation so it as close to the bottom of the Star Metal Shell as can be  AND still be able to place an Explosive Jar that can be shot with a Bow and Arrow at a distance. Once ya blow the jar the Outer Shell will go away and the Star Metal is yours to harvest!
*IF this does not work then move to another Meteor drop. There is a known bug where the shell sometimes becomes invulnerable.   :'(