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Author Topic: *Level 50* 51-RS / 7-B / 8-R Tanking Build  (Read 732 times)

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*Level 50* 51-RS / 7-B / 8-R Tanking Build
« on: March 06, 2018, 11:59:10 AM »
*This is a Level 50 Build Modified for Prime Launch*
51 Riftstalker / 7 Bard / 8 Ranger

This is the Level 50 version of the Build I used through Storm Legion. Please disregard the prior thread which I closed. It never occurred to me that since I stopped playing when the cap was raised to 65 that I still had valid builds and macros on all of my toons.


Guardian Phase - ALWAYS!
Planebound Resilience
Planar Splash - Toggle on for AoE Builders in Spam Macro


Spam Quick shot at the end of macro so you can pull mobs at a range.
#show Phantom Blow
cast Phantom Blow
cast Planar Strike
cast Quick Shot

Finisher *Not Macro*
Wrath of the Planes

Threat  When trying to gain Agro on Single Targets hit one time, on multiple targets double tap. The last two abilities in this macro are AoE so you can get Agro on two groups if needed.
#show Rift Disturbance
cast Instigate
cast Rift Disturbance
cast Mass Instigate

Close Good for tanking a mob at it's location rather than pulling it to you and good for another way of intercepting threat from stray mobs.
#show Shadow Assault
cast Shadow Blitz
cast Shadow Assault

Skills to keep on hand

Planar Attraction
Planar Disruption
Defer Death
Memory Capture
Physical Wellness
Planar Refuge
Rift Prison
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