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Author Topic: BosSligh's Pistol -vs- AR Main for DPS  (Read 1289 times)

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BosSligh's Pistol -vs- AR Main for DPS
« on: October 03, 2017, 05:47:43 AM »
Taken from our Archive.

07-29-2017, 09:22 PM
Hello DBD community,

BosSligh here to bring a little insight as to which weapon you should main. Now as a disclaimer, I am not saying that AR is better than Pistol, or vice versa, but what I am saying, is from my research and numbers, this is what I have come up with.¬

Now with this test, all gear was even. I am Item Level(IL) 121¬ and both the AR, and the Pistol are both Epic lvl 12's 3pip with superior¬ crit glyphs lvl 9. So as you can see, both of them are exactly even to get the best and most accurate numbers possible. (side note: your numbers will be higher or lower depending on your IL)¬ And now for the test...

Everyone that I have talked to about the AR has stated to use High Explosive Grenade(HEG) as an elite, because DPS wise, it produces higher numbers, but this is not the case. If you ¬ are using the Advanced Combat Tracker(ACT) addon, the numbers are going to "appear" higher, because there is no way to differentiate which dps is going where. I.E, there is no way to see your DPS on the boss, or his adds. All DPS is compiled into one number, thus showing a higher number. Here are the results of the test on a target dummy in Aggartha. Each of these tests are done in an exactly 1 minute rotation...

Pistol (main hand)+ AR (Off Hand)

Test 1: HEG(Elite)
Build: Incendiary Grenade(IG)+Flourish+HEG+Burst Fire+Seeking Bullet+Dual Shot
Passives: Stability+Auto Loader+Fatal Shot+Heavy Caliber Rounds(HCR)+ Double Down
Results: 75, 605 DPS (1 min rotation)

Test 2: Red Mist(Elite)
Build: IG+Flourish+Red Mist+Burst Fire+Hair Trigger+Dual Shot
Passives: Stability+Unerring Accuracy+Fatal Shot+HCR+Double Down
Results: 81,826 DPS (1 min rotation)

AR (main hand)+Pistol (off hand)

Test 1: HEG(elite)
Build: Lock & Load+IG+HEG+Dual Shot+Placed Shot+Burst Fire
Passives: Stability+Auto Loader+Slow Burn+HCR+Fatal Shot
Results: 101,543 DPS (1 min roatation)

Test 2: Red Mist
Build: Lock & Load+IG+Red Mist+Dual Shot+Placed Shot+Burst Fire
Passives: Stability+Unerring Accuracy+Fatal Shot+HCR+Double Down
Results: 141,784 DPS (1 min rotation)

So from these tests, it can be deducted that the AR is in fact stronger than the Pistol. These numbers were tested in perfect comparison without being bias to either side. Both had 1 min rotations, both were evenly matched in regards to their level, rarity, and glyphs, so there were no advantages to either side.¬
When choosing which weapon to pick, one must consider the fight that lies ahead. If you're about to fight a boss, that produces no adds, it is¬ safer to go with the Test 2: Red Mist combo, because your dps output will be higher. if the boss does produce adds, then it is safer to go with the Test 1: HEG, because your Area of Effects (AOEs) will hit everyone, which will ultimately give you a higher dps number, and help the team out by doing dmg to everything in the area.¬
Disclaimer: Everything in this game is about preference and gear. The pistol can be strong, but my belief is "do¬ not leave anything up to chance." When you are¬ using the pistol, you must wait or¬ get "lucky" to proc your chambers to the same color. This can be a hindrance on DPS because there are going to be times where you pop 3-5 skills, and not see a single matching happens...but i noticed a huge spike in damage(dmg) when the chambers did proc the same colors. So all in all, both weapons can be effective, but everything is situational awareness, and what can potentially happen in a boss fight. The boss may do an AOE in the direction of the AR main user, and not the Pistol main user, thus the AR user has to stop DPS'ing, roll out the way, or move to a safe spot, and then start attacking again, while the Pistol main user is still attacking, thus by the end of the fight, producing a higher dps number than the happens, but in a world where both are attacking the same boss, un-interrupted, i do believe from my tests that the AR should be able to come out on top.¬
Thank you for reading