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Pistol / Assault Rifle
« on: October 03, 2017, 05:43:26 AM »

This is the Build that I currently use for Both Solo Play and often times as DPS. Nothing really fancy.

I use pistols main for kiting. For me when I am kiting with AR main I get a little crazy because of the range and pull a lot of things I do not want to pull so the shorter range of the pistol works best for me.

I use an AR that pre-cooks the nades and there is a setting for ground targeting that I use as well so instead of clicking circle on ground for nade I just aim at target and hit button and it auto targets ground under what I am aiming at.

Vital shot does a great job healing and since I am using Pistols as main and Spam one or two shots of Vital Shot gets me where I need to be followed up by a nade.

I run all damage gear with hit on weapons and Crit and Crit chance on Talisman. I suppose the object is to burn everything down before it gets a chance to hurt you. The higher your gear score the more ridiculous this build wrecks face!