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When this came out of Beta 4 months ago it was using this card. NVIDIA TESLA P40
At the time the card was not even released.
They have further buffed things up by using this card. NVIDIA Tesla RTX T10-8
What does this mean? Ultra Settings and SICK performance!

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6 months 3 weeks ago #7 by Bear
GeForce Now was created by Bear

I was a Beta Tester for this and I LOVED it! It has done nothing except get better since then!
The best way to explain what it is would be to say GEForce Now is a service that allows you to play your on line PC games on a Monster Gaming Cloud Computer!:blink:
You HAVE to have a fast internet connection or not only will it not work right but they will not let you get the service.

The way it works is you connect to their Bad Ass Cloud Gaming PC with the $4k GFX card, you are just making an extra stop in route to the game BUT when the game sends back its info it makes the same stop and instead of sending that you would see on your monitor normally it sends you what you would see if you were running on a system with Top End Specs!

I will give the Upsides and Downsides. Always starting with bad news and finishing with good!

1) You NEED a fast internet speed for this to work.

Upsides B)
1) OK, you have a Fast Machine and fast internet so why? Does your Fast Machine have the ability to store hundreds of games on your Hyper fast SSD Drive? UMmmmmm ... GeForce Now does!

2) Crappy Computer and you can not afford to upgrade..... Even a good computer but you can not play all games on MAX settings. You will be able to with GeForce Now!

3) It is CHEAP as Hell to get!

It may seem like I am trying to sell this. Believe me I get nothing out of it other than the satisfaction that my friends get to experience gaming the way that I am now!


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