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Our Server Settings! was created by Bear
We have implemented a new Server Economy System. From the time you login to our server you will start earning Server Currency called "Perfect Zombie Ears" You can use this currency at our store to supply your character.
To view the current wares in the Store Click Here!
You will earn 1 Perfect Zombie Ear for every 5 minutes that you play. You will also earn 1 Perfect Zombie Ear for every Zombie that you kill.
To check how much you currently have type $balance into in game chat and hit Enter.
When you have made your purchase you will have to claim it. You need to be in Game and enter the following Command into chat: $claim
Whatever you purchased will be spawned at your feet and you need to pick it up quickly!
We hope that this enhances the experience to everyone that plays this server, from the fresh start player that has been in game 20 minutes and it's almost dark and STILL no weapons to the player that is starting to get sick of farming Brass to make ammo to get the Clan through another Bloodmoon.

There will be a list of all in game commands that can be used by ANY player soon.

Oh my, I almost forgot. Our Bloodmmon only happens on the 10th Day. We changed this to make it simple. If the day is a multiple of 10 then it it is a Bloodmoon. Just to clarify, if the day ends with a zero then it is a Bloodmoon!
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