• Thursday, 8. December 2022 06:22

Anniversary Incoming!

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In 2002 in or close to the 2nd week of March DbD was founded by Bubber, Smitty and Bear. Since then, we have had some GREAT leaders called 3-Ds like Master, Brains and Jacktheripper and many more! DbD has slowly shrunk over the years as the importance of a Guild or Clan has dopped in gameplay. Our Forums went from at any given day and time you could read all the New Posts, refresh and have a bunch of newer posts to read. These days I am about the only one posting and not that often. Nonetheless DBD IS STILL HERE 20 years Later!

For our 20th Anniversary I thought about hosting some Retro FPS servers like Spearhead or the original Call of Duty because that is where we started but instead I decided to ask everyone that reads this post to remember our members that have passed Jazzhound, Jerry Bear, Noah Wallis.

Because of different opinions we cannot say an exact day the DbD was formed in 2002 but have agreed to just celebrate its Birthday on St. Patrick's Day.


could be fun im always up for some old school Cod i havent knifed anyone in a bit